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Effective Ways to Improve Your Gaming Experience

by Chloe Parker

Video games, a pastime that became even more popular during the pandemic, continue to provide joy to different demographics. However, for some people, enjoyment is not always there, which could happen for various reasons.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to improve your gaming experience. If you started to feel like video games have become more of a chore than an enjoyable pastime, consider the tips below.


Optimize Your Device’s Performance

The first thing you want to consider is your device’s performance. Some people play on consoles, whereas others use computers. Regardless of a preference, an underperforming device does not help.

Start by checking whether there is enough free space on the drive. Since video games require a lot of storage, it is easy to run out of drive space. Get rid of old files, check for localization data and duplicates.

Temporary system storage is also worth a shout. For example, if you have a MacBook, the scratch disk on mac might be full because of temporary file accumulation, and removing this junk should be one of your priorities. The same principle applies to Windows.

Other than the disk storage, you should also keep an eye on potential malware and viruses. Even a minor cybersecurity threat can snowball and cause performance issues.

Finally, if you have not cleaned the dust inside your computer in a while, take some time and do it now. When the dust is not clogging the internal fans, you can expect a better performance.


Upgrade Hardware

Hardware upgrades are a bit tricky because they are not necessarily available on all platforms. For instance, console users do not have available options other than an external drive for more storage.

If you have a gaming laptop, the odds are that some hardware pieces are integrated by the manufacturer and are not replaceable.

This is where being a PC owner is great. You are free to upgrade hardware components once your current setup gets outdated.

Adding extra RAM, switching to an SSD from an HDD, or replacing the graphics processing unit are bound to make a positive impact on the computer’s performance, which will lead to a better gaming experience.


Try Different Games

Once you feel like a video game is just not doing it for you anymore, why not look for something that might be out of your comfort zone? For example, if you play mainly FPS or racing games, strategy or indie games could be a nice change of pace.

You cannot know whether a game is actually good unless you try it yourself. It might come as a surprise how engaging some less popular video games are these days.

Some of the best recent video games come from smaller indie developers. Hades, Cuphead, and Hollow Knight are great examples of how a seemingly low-budget video game outshines AAA titles.


Get Accessories

Gaming accessories are also worth a shout. It is one of those hobbies that is about comfort. But what are some accessories that you should consider?

  • A gaming chair for more comfort. If you feel like your back is hurting, then switching to a chair designed for gamers could be a good solution.
  • New keyboard and mouse. Thanks to brands like Steelseries and Razer, there is a plethora of gaming keyboards and mice on the market. Even if you are not looking to set up macros and use mouse buttons while gaming, it is still more comfortable to game when you have what feels like tailor-made equipment.
  • A cooling pad for your laptop. If you play video games on a laptop, the odds are that it overheats. When cleaning the dust inside a laptop does not cut it, a cooling pad is worth a shot.
  • Headphones for better audio. While it is common for video games to be visually driven, the overall experience becomes that much better when you can enjoy the dialogue, surroundings, and other in-game settings in higher quality.


Take Breaks

It is no secret that video games are quite addicting, and you might find yourself playing more than expected. It is easy to lose track of time when you are having but, but these are early signs of addiction problems.

Take regular breaks and try to do something else. Getting away from video games for a bit will be great for your mental health, especially if you play intense games that put a constant strain on your mind or even body.


Play With Others

There is nothing wrong with playing single-player games, but you might find that it is more fun to enjoy gaming with others.

Try some multiplayer games if you have not before. If you do not want to join public games and would rather join as a pre-made group, finding people on relevant Discord servers or other game-related channels should not be too difficult.

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