8 Hidden Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad that you Must Know

Many iPhone or iPad users are still unaware of lots of features and functions of these smart devices. There are many more hidden features that your smartphone has, or simply shortcuts. You may not find them in the options menu, so probably there are many people who are unaware of them. In this article, we will walk you through some of the coolest tips for iOS users. So, do you want to know some of the iPhone 5 tricks? I’ve tried to make a list of tricks and tips that every user of iPhone and iPad must know. By using them, you can save time and do your tasks much more easily.

iphone tips tricks shortcuts

1. Direct Access to Applications

You can get your text message or a Facebook notification on your screen if your device is set to show pop-up notifications. This works even when the screen is asleep or the phone is locked.
This feature could save you a lot of time and energy, looking for updates manually is a tedious task. On the other hand, by turning the notifications on, you can sit back and relax.

2. Scroll Up by Tapping

It is not necessary for you to use your finger to scroll up. Simply tap once on the status bar, the top edge of the phone where battery life and time are displayed, and you’ll reach to the top. This works for contacts, email and websites. I need not explain how useful this feature is, it makes your smartphone experience smoother.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

Use of this smartphone becomes easier when you are aware of different shortcuts. You can simply tap and hold the “compose new message” button to create new message. You can see other address endings by holding down the period key when entering an email address.

4. Jump from one App to Another

Jumping around apps in iPhone is possible without having to go to the home screen. A pop-up tray of apps appears when you double tap the home button and then you can swipe to the left to select the desired running app.This let’s you enjoy multitasking to the fullest.

5. Screenshots

The images seen on your iPhone or iPad can be captured and saved on your device. While you need to have a separate app for taking screenshots in some other platforms, the iOS has this feature by default. You can take a screenshot of things seen on your screen by pressing the Home button and the On/Off button simultaneously.

6. Swipe to Search

Swipe left to right from the home screen in order to quickly find apps on your device. You can simply type the required app on the search box and reach to them in an instant. This feature works like a charm on the iPhone and comes handy at times.

7. Read Websites Easily

You can find Reader button at the top of a webpage. Tap it to see much clear version of the page.You can simply improve your web experience on your idevice by using this.

8. Smarter Camera

The iPhone is equipped with a smarter camera which has a physical shutter button. The phone volume controller works as shutter button once the Camera app is opened. I have seen many people using the onscreen shutter icon to snap pictures. Using a physical button is much better and you can do it on your iPhone.

We have also covered tips for improving the battery life of iPhones here. Hope the post comes handy for many iOS users, so don’t forget to bookmark this page. Do comment with any tips that we missed here if you know.