How to Get rid of a Facebook account Permanently

Want to say goodbye to your facebook account forever? You have come to the right place, this post will show you how to permanently delete a facebook account. Some people are just fed up of facebook and want to quit while some others are worried about the privacy related issues. Of course, there are some privacy issues in facebook. If that’s your problem, you can learn how to make your facebook account more secure. Facebook provides a ‘deactivate’ option by default which doesn’t remove your account permanently, but hides it temporarily from other users. This post is meant for those who want to delete their Facebook accounts permanently with no options left to recover it.

how to permanently delete facebook account Please note that this post in no way suggests you to delete your Facebook account. This tutorial is for those who have already made up their mind to do so.

How is Deleting and Deactivating a Facebook account Different?

Deactivating your facebook account only hides your profile from other users on Facebook. People won’t be able to find you by searching with your name, email or mobile number. However, some of the information may still be visible to others, like the messages you sent to others. Facebook remembers all your profile/timeline information (like photos, friends, interests, etc.), just in case you may want to get back to Facebook at some point of time. If you activate your account in future, your profile/timeline will be still there just the way it was.

When it comes to permanently deleting your account, you will never be able to regain access to your facebook account. All the personally identifiable information associated with your account would be erased from facebook servers including your email address, IM screen names, phone numbers, mailing address, etc. Some copies of your materials (like photos, notes, etc..) may still remain in facebook servers for technical reasons. But these materials would be completely inaccessible to any of the users, so nothing to worry here. Now you know the difference between deactivation and deletion of a facebook account.

If you still wish to permanently delete your Facebook account, follow the steps given below.

How to Delete a Facebook account Permanently

1) Follow this link – facebook account deletion page

2) Now you will be prompted to enter your facebook account password and there would be a captcha verification to check if you are a human. Provide all the information asked on the page and confirm your request. After this, you will be Notified that your account has been deactivated and will be permanently deleted after 14 days.

Facebook is providing you with a 14 days grace period within which you can get back to facebook again if you change your mind. In that case, you simply have to cancel your account deletion request and you will have your account back. To cancel your deletion request, just log in to facebook like you normally would and you will be provided with an option to cancel the deletion request.

This is how you can permanently delete your Facebook account rather than simply deactivating it. You can use this method if your account posses serious security/privacy risks or if you just just want to delete your profile forever.