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How to Improve the Battery life on your iPhone

by Chloe Parker
iphone 6 ios8 battery saving tips

If you have updated to new iOS 8, you would have noticed that the battery drains pretty quickly because of the heavy and feature-packed software. The new features that this OS offer can also suck the battery of your phone. For the later versions like iPhone6 or iPhone6 plus, the problem does not become too evident because of the high performance batteries embedded in them. There are some ways by which you can enhance the battery life of your iPhone 6 or iOS 8 devices, which are mentioned below.

Know your battery usage

After your have updated to iOS 8 you can see the applications that are draining your battery. To know what is using your battery and how much, tap on settings, go to general, then select usage and then finally to the battery usage. If your phone is really new you will have to wait for a few hours since your phone needs to gain enough data to give the right stats of battery usage.

Location tracking

It is one of those features that can drain your battery really fast. When you don’t need it, you can turn it off instead of letting it constantly monitor your location and drain the battery. If you have updated to iOS 8, you can use the ‘While Using’ option, which will enable location services only with those apps that need the location tracking to be enabled and it switches location tracking off when the app is closed.

You can turn it off manually by going to settings then privacy then to location services and then finally to share my location. You can again turn this feature on when you want to use it. Even while the location tracking is turned off, you can still keep the Find My iPhone function on.

One more way to stop your iPhone battery from draining is turning off Wi-Fi from settings when not in use.

Manage Widgets and notifications

You can access the notifications by sliding your finger down from top of the screen and can also customize it using today view. In order to save your battery, you can turn off widgets that are not of any use to you for the time being. From the edit menu you can easily turn on or off the widgets like live scores, weather etc. You can also go to notifications and turn off push notifications from various applications.

Managing Handoff

It’s a feature which is very helpful when you would be using some applications on various apple devices in tandem. If you don’t use this feature or want to stop this feature from draining your battery, you can do it easily. Just go to settings then to general and you can manage it from handoff and suggested apps.

Turn off fetching function

Whenever you get a new mail, a notification is displayed on your home screen. You can turn this feature off and check your mails by accessing the mail directly and save your battery from draining. Go to settings then to mails, contacts, calendars and manage the push function from Fetch new data.

Apart from these, you can change the brightness of the screen by going to settings and then to wallpapers and brightness. Turning off auto brightness feature can also help you save battery. There is a feature in iOS 8 named parallax which makes your wallpaper appear to be moving behind the app list or app menu. It consumes good amount of your battery and you can turn it off by going to general settings, then to accessibility and checking the reduce motion. You can read our tutorial on resuming failed downloads in firefox here.

For all those who are on older apple devices can actually download the update for the new OS which is iOS 8. These are the easiest ways to improve the battery performance of your iPhone 6 and iOS 8 devices. If you are a non-iPhone user, check out the tips for improving the battery life of all smartphones.

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