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Everything you need to know about the OnePlus 3

by Chloe Parker
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The Chinese handset maker, OnePlus has certainly become a brand to reckon since the launch of its first ever Flagship Killer, OnePlus One. It went on to create history when it scheduled the launch of OnePlus Two over a VR event, which was world’s first of its kind. Now, it is that time of the year again when the handset maker drops yet another Flagship Killer on us and the official date has been scheduled to be June 14, 2016. Being one of the most anticipated handsets, there were no end to the speculations regarding OnePlus 3 on the Internet. While some of them appear to be believable, others were outright ridiculous. Here is the story so far regarding the next OnePlus Flagship, so that you can make up your mind before the launch date.


Before any major flagship device is launched, the most common speculation to surface is that of its looks, design and aesthetics. OnePlus 3 is no exception as a large number of design renders of the handset are circulating on World Wide Web as of now. However, recent leaks of the handset appear to be believable and are expected to be the final design of the handset. These images show that the Chinese brand has finally ditched its signature sandstone panel on the back and has opted for an all metal unibody design.  OnePlus 3 now looks more like OnePlus X than any of its flagship predecessor, which is a good thing. The rear panel and the design of the device seem to have been inspired from HTC and Apple smartphones. Overall, as far as looks are concerned, this is the handset to look out for.


OnePlus opted for a 5.5-incher for the display of both its earlier flagship killers and this is one aspect of the upcoming devices, which was more or less confirmed. OnePlus 3 is expected to come with a 5.5-inch AMOLED display panel, which is new. However, the underlying question here is that whether the device will sport a full HD resolution like its predecessor or will it be the first in OnePlus lineup to come with Quad HD resolution. All the speculations point to the full HD resolution and it is expected to be true.

Snapdragon 820

The processor of the handset is where the rumours on the Internet went bonkers with some claiming it to come with the next generation Snapdragon 830 processor. However, since the handset maker has set the launch date of OnePlus 3 on June 14 and the 830 is nowhere in sight, we can chalk this one up to be a false rumour. Now, it is expected that the upcoming flagship will come with Snapdragon 820 in the driver’s seat for sure. In all likelihood, the processor would be  clocked at around 2 GHz and accompanied with Adreno 530 as well as 4 GB of RAM. We can safely assume it to be one of the most powerful devices in the market, as and when it is launched. A 6GB variant is also speculated over the net.

Camera Setup

Owing to the custom operating system that OnePlus mobiles have been shipping with, first Cyanogen OS and then Oxygen OS, these handset have never been able to boast of a good camera quality. However, the devices never lacked a good camera setup, that much we have got to hand to OnePlus. The upcoming flagship killer is expected to come with a combination of 16 Megapixels rear camera and 8 Megapixels front camera. This is a standard camera setup for almost all high end smartphones in the market as of now. This combination would make OnePlus 3 one of the best imaging devices as well apart from being one of the fastest.

Fingerprint Scanner

OnePlus launched its last generation flagship killer with a fingerprint scanner on the front panel, which was a good addition to an already powerful device. However, according to reports, the scanner on OnePlus 2 was buggy and needed some serious overhaul. It is being expected that the upcoming OnePlus 3 would feature the same physical home button slash fingerprint scanner on the front but with improved functionality.


The reason why these devices from OnePlus are called Flagship Killers is that they offer all features of high end flagship devices in half the price. Both OnePlus One and Two have been placed under INR 25,000 in Indian handset market and have been selling really well. However, now that the brand is opting for an all metal garb for the upcoming handset, it might hike the price a little. On a lighter note, we would not be surprised if the new handset is also placed under INR 25,000. It is being speculated that the device might actually come with a price tag in the vicinity of INR 21,000.

OnePlus 3 is one of the most awaited flagship devices in 2016 and rightfully so, looking at the speculated specifications of the handset. And if the rumours regarding its price tag are correct, we have a clear winner in our hand.

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