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How to use the Power of Passwords to Change your Life

by Chloe Parker
using passwords to change habits

Passwords secure our technology and we are bound to remember them. The actual number of passwords you are carrying in your brain right now depends on how deeply you are involved with the tech world. An average internet user has to remember at least 3 or 4 passwords. It could be the Facebook, twitter, email and internet banking passwords for most people. For the more tech savvy ones, the list of passwords can be a longer one. The only use of passwords known to most of you is probably that they secure your online accounts.

How about being creative and using the power of passwords to bring about positive changes into our lifestyle? That’s exactly what this write-up is all about. Let me tell you how passwords can help you quit your bad habits and induce positive changes in yourself while it protects you.

The Technique

The technique is pretty simple; you just have to identify the things that you need to change in yourself, and craft your passwords in such a way that it acts as a reminder and change catalyst for you. You could be having a hard time trying to get enough work-out, quitting smoking or being more productive at your work. Using passwords as a constant reminder for yourself is the easiest and most efficient trick to help you with these. If you want to stop being lazy, you can set ‘StopBeingLazy’ as your password for anything you need a password for. Obviously, don’t make it that simple! A password needs to be strong and that’s what it’s actually meant for. The point is to have your ‘Message for yourself’ in the password you use. You can use numbers and special characters along with this to create a stronger password.

Passwords can also be used to instil positive personality traits into you apart from removing the negative ones like bad habits. New resolutions taken by you can be set as passwords. You can try something like ThinkPositive, WorkHarder, EatHealthy and BeHappy – you name it. Or maybe you can gain the courage to ask your crush out by setting a password like AskHerOut. As you can see, the creative ways to use a password are almost endless.

How it works

By having to remember and type this password every time you have to unlock your computer or online account, you are indirectly sending these positive commands into your sub conscious mind. And the sub conscious mind ultimately accepts anything that’s repeatedly fed into it using the conscious mind. If you work on a computer every day, try it with the log-on password of your computer. The simple repetition of entering your password to unlock your computer or logging in to your Facebook account every time can help you bring the change you need in life.

Many people use desktop wallpapers with a motivational message to get similar results, but wallpapers tend to get ignored after a while. A password on the other hand, has to stay in your memory and probably is the easiest way to stuff an idea into your brain. But remember, this is no magic spell, so give it some time to start working for you.

You are already keeping passwords in your memory; then why not fill those passwords with positive thoughts and squeeze something more than just security from your passwords? So the next time you have to change your password, set something that can be a constant reminder for you to turn yourself into a better version of you. And don’t forget to share this epic life hack with your friends!

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