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The Main Crypto Coins to Watch in 2022

by Samir Nazic
The Main Crypto Coins to Watch in 2022

Cryptos have been making waves in the financial world for now, with ever-improving Bitcoin and Ethereum. But what about the other cryptos? What about the ones out there that aren’t as well-known? What about the ones that are yet to be invented? Although these questions may seem odd coming from a crypto-enthusiast, the truth is that there are many other uses of blockchain technology that have yet to be explored.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but have you heard of other blockchain-based coins? If you’re looking to play in the cryptocurrency game in the upcoming years, check out these coins with a bright future in 2022.


Bitcoin on gravel

In 2022, the number one cryptocurrency in the world will be replaced, yes, replaced. And not only that, it will be replaced by a new “bigger” version of the same thing. If you think about power generation vs. energy consumption, each bitcoin generates the same electricity as 100,000 traditional power plants. Overall, Bitcoin is still at the top of the game, with a market cap of $800.8 billion. So if you still have a plan to buy bitcoin, it’s not a bad idea.


Many people will call Cardano the “New Bitcoin” because it is expected to be the same but with more advanced technology. Cardano is a blockchain-based platform intended as a “store of value” rather than a currency. Cardano uses a type of blockchain called Ouroboros, capable of advanced functions like smart contracts and scalable blockchain applications. Currently, Cardano is set in 9th place, with $32.4 billion in total value as of April 2022.


IOTA coin

In 2022, a new “bigger” version of IOTA will be released, which is expected to be even more scalable and flexible than the current version. As of April 2022, the total market cap is estimated at $1.9 billion. IOTA provides a secure exchange of value and data, and it is reengineering ledger technology. Hence, its main focus is on IoT (Internet of Things) to create fee-free cryptocurrency on multiple devices.


In 2022, a new “bigger” version of Golem will be released. It is expected that this new version will incorporate even more functionality and be even more scalable and flexible than the current version. Its focus is on an accessible and flexible open-source platform. On Golem Network, users can be paid for sharing their unused resources, such as unused computing power. It also helps crypto developers do stunning new projects without limitations and at a fast speed.


The markets are set to rise in 2022, with many new and exciting crypto coins. However, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest trends so you don’t miss out on the current hot topics.

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