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Declutter Your iPhone Gallery With These Photo Cleaner Apps: Get More Space on Your Smartphone in No Time

by Samir Nazic
Declutter Your iPhone Gallery With These Photo Cleaner Apps

If you are a “photo addict,” it is evident that your iPhone’s camera gallery contains a lot of selfies, memes, screenshots, and wallpapers.

If you’re looking for the best app to delete duplicate photos on iPhone, there’s still one more challenge – Segregating between the ones you would keep and the ones you no longer need.

So why not let an intelligent app make these chores swift and straightforward for you?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start:

  • The photos deleted by iPhone photo management apps will end up in the Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app. Unless you empty this folder, you will not be able to reclaim the space created by thrashing the photos from your phone.
  • To automatically get rid of these deleted photos permanently, you must first open the Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app. Then tap Select at the top right, then select “Delete All” in the bottom left. Photos from this folder would then be cleared, including those in it, for 30 days.
  • Remember that you should first look at all the pictures and other media for bulk deletion and ensure that no critical files get deleted.
  • While deleting files from the iCloud photo library, you will have to be extra careful. Once you delete the photos from the iCloud photo library, you cannot regain them and lose them from all your Apple devices.

Here are some of the excellent apps for bulk photo deletion.

Remove master for camera roll

Remove master for camera roll landing page

This app is one of the best photo cleaner apps for the iPhone! And guess what? Tinder inspires its user interface. Once installed, all you have to do is scroll through your photos and start swiping.

Swipe right to keep and left to delete. The next photo pops up automatically once you have swiped. This iPhone gallery app allows you to swipe images by month and thus makes the tiresome chore of decluttering easier.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover landing page

Once you have scanned through your photo library, this app gathers all the exact duplicate photos together in one tab and similar pictures in another.

In both the tabs, you can select or deselect the images individually before you delete them. You do not need to worry about dumping all the photos in a single album without any meaning to it.

Remo will stop you from doing that with an error message.

If you wish to exclude some pictures and albums while scanning your gallery in the future, then Remo has the feature of marking that media as exceptions and notifying Remo of your choice.

You might also want to customize the threshold of how close you want Remo to match the photos. You can customize it in the app settings.

Remo is a free, hassle-free, and simple app to remove duplicates and similar pictures in bulk.

Gemini Photos

Gemini Photos landing page

You would be surprised to know that the Gemini Photos is associated with the duplicate file finder Mac app, Gemini. The developer of Gemini, MacPaw, came up with the idea of cleaning up your iPhone’s camera roll.

Thus, Gemini Photos came into existence. This app automatically selects the bad photos covering space in your iPhone and immediately sends them for review.

The blurry images, duplicates of screenshots, and the pictures with texts are collected together in a single file. Now whether you delete them or keep them, that is your decision.

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Duplicate Photos Fixer landing page

Duplicate Photos Fixer is an excellent alternative to Gemini Photos. This app collects all the useless photos, screenshots, burst photos, and videos covering excess space in your phone.

As soon as Duplicate Photos Fixer scans through your photo library, the images will be categorized as tabs. The photos meant for deletion would already be selected automatically.

The app also shows you how many gigabytes you may be able to recover after the bulk deletion.

Duplicate Photos Fixer is not just any regular photo decluttering app. It does a lot more than that, like doubling as a contact finder, a storage maintenance app, and a Photo Vault.

So, you can also hide your pictures in the vault, which you do not want anyone else to see.

Bulk Delete – Clean up your camera roll

Bulk Delete - Clean up your camera roll landing page


This app permits you to select photos by swiping them and then deleting them in bulk, similar to the Photos app. But there are some differences.

Bulk Delete makes it easier to discern between the selected and the un-selected photos. Another cool feature is that it allows you to delete your entire photo gallery if you wish to begin with a clean slate.

The best benefit of this app is that it is a time-based deletion. For example, you will choose and delete photos of the previous 1 hour or the last 30 days with this feature.

You’re all set!

If you’re looking to declutter your iPhone gallery and reclaim the storage space, these apps have excellent solutions to offer. It’s just a matter of finding the app that’ll best suit your specific requirements, and you’re all set.

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