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Samsung ML-2955DW Driver Handles Your Print Jobs Well

by Samir Nazic
Samsung ML-2955DW Driver Handles Your Print Jobs Well

All businessmen, professionals, and students need to print out documents. Hence, they require a printer to accomplish tasks requiring printed documents. One of the popular printers is the Samsung ML-2955DW. Usually, you will get a Samsung ML-2955DW driver once you purchase this item.

The printer driver will translate instructions from computers or devices to the printer. Therefore, the printer will print out the document according to the layout alignment that you set. There are several types of Samsung printers. All series come with different specifications.

Remarkable Attributes of Samsung ML-2955DW

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Like other types of printer drivers, the Samsung ML-2955DW driver is essential in translating the documents you created on the computer into instructions for the printer. Through this instruction, the printer can print out the copies on paper with the same looks on your screen.

You can adjust the printer setting via this driver. Make sure you constantly update this driver to keep it functioning. The reasons why you have to utilize the Samsung ML-2955DW printer are the significant attributes it has, such as:

1. Processor

It makes sense that people call Samsung ML-2955DW a superb printer because it has a CPU 533MHz and memory of 64MB. With this adequate processor, it shows good performance.

2. Design

The size of the Samsung ML-2955DW printer is 197x348x338 mm. Its rounded edges and compact size make it ideal for furnishing your home office. Its weight is around 7.2 kg.

3. Printer Technology

Samsung ML-2955DW belongs to monochrome printers equipped with great features. Monochrome laser technology makes it compatible with printing non-colored documents in high volumes.

4. Language

The capability of the printer driver in translating languages from the computer to the printer matters to ensure the printed documents match the drafts on your screen. The languages in the Samsung ML-2955DW driver include PCL6 and PCL5e.

5. Input and Output Tray

The capacity of the input tray is 250 sheets, while the output tray can handle 150 sheets.

6. Duplex Printing

The Samsung ML-2955DW is a good choice if you want to save paper since it provides a duplex printing feature. You press the eco button on its control panel to save paper, toner, and energy. With a duplex printing feature, you can print both sides of a paper automatically.

How Is Samsung ML-2955DW’s Performance?

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Aside from features, people tend to consider the performance of Samsung ML-2955DW printers. This device is a good choice for anyone who needs to print many sheets but has a cramped office. Here are the details of Samsung ML-2955DW’s performance.

1. Print Resolution

The Samsung ML-2955DW provides an ideal print resolution of 1200 dpi for general office work.

2. Connectivity

It allows you to connect through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB. Moreover, you can set up the connectivity easily since the instruction is available in the box.

3. Speed

How fast can your printer print a page? Despite its small size, this device can print several pages rapidly. It only requires 63 seconds to print 25 pages of a monochrome document. To print 24 pages with greyscale 1.0 requires 65 seconds.

To print 6x4in photos with six grayscales requires 21 seconds. It only takes 32 seconds to print ten pages of graphics. To print two-sided versions of 10 pages only takes 57 seconds.

4. Print Quality

Either graphics or text, the result looks good as long as you print the documents with this printer. It can control shading in graphics well. The black text looks dark and sharp.


For home office usage, you may consider the Samsung ML-2955DW. Don’t forget to keep the Samsung ML-2955DW driver updated to ease you adjust the setting and ensure its functionality.

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