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14 Awesome Google Maps Life Hacks You Must Know

by Chloe Parker

It is needless to say that Google Maps is the best and the most popular map application of all times. There are a lot of truly amazing features such as real-time navigation, ETAs, live traffic info, ability to discover places etc. providing with directions to different places, informing about alternative routes, and more. Those are not the only advantages though. The Google mapping service has various life hacks up its sleeves that most people are unaware of. Here is a handy list of the best Google Maps life hacks.


1. Add numerous stops while doing a navigation

Detouring before finally arriving at your destination could be either planned or unplanned. Either way, changing the navigation and then again changing it back to your original destination takes quite some time – that is without mentioning the risk of doing so while driving. This is how you can add numerous stops while doing a navigation.

2. No tolls while doing a navigation

In case you have to go on a long road trip in your plans, there are not so many chances that your route will have a couple of tolls. Still, with Google Maps, you are free to choose a route, which has the lowest amount of tolls. This is a very handy feature, especially if you have a budget on travel and would not want to spend your money on tolls.

3. Save your location for parking

With Google Maps you will always remember where your car was parked.

4. Share your real-time location

Perhaps you did travel somewhere secluded places or late at night. In such cases, it is always better if people you love were able to see and know your real-time location. It is possible with Google Maps, let alone easy enough.

5. Past trips tracking with timeline

There are people who wish to dive into nostalgia waves time after time. If you feel that excessively, Google Maps timeline feature is to make your wish come true. You will be able to view all those places you visited whatever long ago it was, your transport, and the time you spent there.

6. Usage of Google Maps is to make it to where you are to know the total traveled distance

Even though timeline feature tells a distance traveled, a developer Kyleai, a developer, designed a tool, which uses that data and provides you with a more detailed information about your traveling history.

7. Time of traveling with street view

You most likely have been thinking on the way a place you travel to look like in the past. There is a way to find it out. Yes, you got it right. With such feature of Google Maps as Street View, this is so possible. Unfortunately, this feature is not integrated into the Google Maps application yet, but visiting the web client will get it to where you are to use the feature with ease.

8. Get information on transit

Many will agree that public transport belongs to one of the easiest and the most efficient and cost-effective ways of traveling. However, knowing nothing about transit information is no good. All you need to do is to make a search for the required destination on the application and then tap on “Directions”. Then, tap on the transit tab to be able to view various option for transit.

9. Google calendar events integration

You are a lucky one using Google calendar. Those events you add to the application – either via Gmail or manually – become added to Google Maps automatically. So basically all you need to do is to tap several times and you will be navigating to the destination required.

10. View Popular Nearby Places

Some of you might find it familiar having a nice place nearby but not knowing about it until some out of your friends tells you. Using Google Maps will surely get you out of this kind of situations.

11. Real-time traffic conditions viewing

It is quite annoying taking one of our daily routes and coming across a terribly heavy traffic. However, you can avoid this situation is to use Google Maps’ real-time traffic conditions.

12. Book Cabs

There was probably a situation when you wanted to get somewhere and to check the rates for this route on various cab applications? If your answer is positive, you could have noticed that the same application does not offer the price, which is the cheapest. Google Maps can help you to compare the prices.

13. Indoor directions for buildings

Did you ever want to go to some shop in particular in a mall or at the airport, you know of the existence of which but cannot to find it? Next time you can simply take your cell phone out of your pocket or your bag and open Google Maps. Simple as that! Besides, with the help of Google Maps, you will be shown the floor-wise directions too. And even if you are not at the airport or a mall, the application would be working still.

14. Saving maps in offline mode

Sometimes there are situations when one is to travel to a place with no internet connection. In such cases, using Google Maps to download the map of a certain area for offline use.

Make your experience improved with the help of the above Google Maps life hacks

Even if you already have an experience of using Google Maps, you may feel free to still make the most out of it with these Google Maps life hacks. One can do so many other things with Google Maps. The mentioned above are, in my opinion, the most useful.

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