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10 Cool Things to Do With a VPN in 2022

by Samir Nazic
10 Cool Things to Do With a VPN

VPN is a neat way to hide your identity from your websites. There are many reasons to consider having a VPN available for everyday use.

The first thing to know about VPN is that it’s great for privacy and security reasons. Whenever you connect to a website, the administrator can know your IP address and other details that may invade your privacy.

Today we will list ten cool things to do with a VPN, besides being safe and protected while browsing your favorite websites.

1. Save money

Person holding money

Many websites offer different pricing for their products and services based on location. You can score great deals using a VPN that gives you an IP address as if you are from a different country.

Keep in mind that if you are ordering a physical product, it might be restricted only to your IP address country.

2. See different versions of websites

Websites sometimes make different versions of pages for visitors from other countries. Besides the language, it might be that some content is available earlier or exclusively in certain countries.

Once you start browsing, you will also notice that the advertisements shown to you are in a different language. That might be interesting for you if you work as a digital marketing expert.

3. Access geo-restricted content

Person using geo-restricted content

Some website owners, even governments, restrict access to visitors from certain countries. In most cases, you can bypass this and see the content you want. That is a great thing, especially if you live in a country with many restrictions.

4. Get cheaper subscriptions

Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming platforms offer different prices based on the geographical location the visitor comes from. By setting the country in your VPN settings to lower-income countries, you can get the same subscription for lower prices.

Keep in mind that content could be different. Sometimes, you can’t change the default language served on the platform.

5. Bypass censorship

If your employer or campus coordinator doesn’t want people connected to a Wi-Fi network to browse certain websites, VPN is a way to go. Bypass any censorship imposed by your supervisor and enjoy full access to the internet.

6. Work from a holiday resort

VPN on laptop

Most employers who allow their workers to fulfill their duties from home require them to give the home address they will work from. If you are in this situation and believe there is a place where you can finish your work equally well, let’s say a holiday resort, VPN can make this happen.

Set up a VPN at your home and connect to it when it’s time to work while enjoying a nice ocean view! Remember that you will still be responsible for finding a peaceful working environment for yourself.

7. Share anonymously

Sometimes you want to write something in the comment section of your favorite blog, but you want to do it privately. Connect to the VPN, ensure you are logged out from your account and give the world what you want.

However, if you use a VPN, that doesn’t entitle you to break any rules. So do keep that in mind!

8. See your competition

If you are in digital marketing, you might want to check your competition that works in different markets. With VPN, you can check how websites rank differently in Google search once you enter from another country.

9. Use public Wi-Fi

WiFi sign

Connecting to a public Wi-Fi can be dangerous, especially with vast online daily activity. However, if you just arrived in a different country and didn’t have much choice, you can still lower risks using a VPN.

Always stay alerted and if you see anything suspicious about the Wi-Fi connection, look around and see if some people or signs can help you figure out if the public Wi-Fi is genuine.

10. Watch sports

VPN on mobile

You grabbed a bottle of beer, snacks, and good company is already there, but there comes the shock – your favorite sports match is unavailable in your country. Power up your VPN, select the country from which you can watch the game, and enjoy the rest of the evening.

It’s worth mentioning that a sports event in some countries can be seen free of charge, while you need to pay from other countries. Another great situation in which one can save money with a VPN.

Final thoughts

VPNs protect your identity. By using VPNs, you also agree that you will follow the terms and conditions of the provider. However, remember that using them for illegal activities can have consequences.

The internet should provide equally relevant information for everybody, no matter where they come from. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, it is not like that all the time. Use VPN wisely and unlock a new area of possibilities on the internet.

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