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5 Signs You Need a CRM: Easily Organize and Manage Your Customer Relationships

by Bruno Rukavina
5 Signs You Need a CRM

Starting and running a business is complicated, even before dealing with customers and their problems, but the foundation and priority of every business are its customers. Customer happiness should be the primary goal of every entrepreneur, and that is where CRM comes in handy.

CRM, or in its full name, Customer Relationship Management, is a technology designed to help you deal with customers and assist in understanding and satisfying their needs.

Here are some signs that you may need one in your life.

You Are Not Sure What Your Customers Want

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It is not easy to remember every customer and their wishes, but it is much easier to personalize your sales pitch just for that customer. Certainly today, an indispensable part of the business includes an easy-to-use call log template for sales and support.

CRM is like cheating on the test when it comes to knowing who you are dealing with. CRM can store your contact’s name, email address, telephone number, social media accounts, contact’s position in the company, languages they speak, relations to the other customers, and even birthdays.

You Have a Problem Finding New Customers

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Selling a product to random customers may not go well sometimes, no matter what the product is, whether it’s real estate, makeup, or whatever. Having a target audience for each product is every salesperson’s dream.

CRM can segment customers and break down data by categories and criteria, letting you make focused lists. It allows you to specifically tailor your offers, tactics, and sales pitch for each customer.

Your marketing team can use this to run specific customer marketing campaigns account-based campaigns, analyze your sales process, and lead a pool.

You Can’t Retain Your Customers

Customers like to feel loved and cared for, and caring for all your customers can get more challenging with each new customer. But having that sense of loyalty can ease your job. Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company reported that keeping an existing customer is 6 to 7 times easier than finding a new one.

CRM systems can remember things you usually forget. It can help you keep your promises by reminding you about appointments or sending an email. It also makes a track record of who hasn’t been contacted in a while and maybe feels neglected, so you can reach out to your customer and let him know that you didn’t forget.

These systems also offer you a set of ready-to-use templates, letters, documents, proposals, quotes, invitations, and many more to save you and your customer some time.

You Don’t Know How to Communicate With Your Customers

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Forgetting your client’s past problems or wishes can get you in quite a pickle. But having a whole history of conversations, concerns, and desires of your customers makes a real difference. It is much easier to make an offer when you already know how your customers may react to it.

One of the best things CRM can do is access your customer interaction history or maybe your customer’s purchase history so you can always know what to anticipate with just a few clicks.

It tracks past complaints and problems your customers had with products so you can always reach out to them, redeem your reputation, and offer them a much better customer experience.

You Are Losing Too Much Time on Legal Papers

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Data privacy protection can eat up every entrepreneur’s time as he must obtain each contact’s permission and document it to store their details.

That is one more field where CRM can help you a lot. The CRM system is GDPR compliant. It enables you to obtain those permissions send automatic notifications to new contacts. That way, it’s informing them that you would like to store their data.

On top of that, it manages customers’ subscriptions to email communication and sets up rules to update personal information details for groups of contacts.

Why lose time doing all this yourself when you can trust your CRM system to do this and let you focus on other, more important things.


Business needs a lot of attention and care, and sometimes you don’t have enough time to deal with everything yourself.  Then, that is a clear sign you should get a CRM system that can help you.

Its job is to make your job easier, not let you forget something, and take care of legal papers instead of you. Most importantly, CRM makes you look good in front of your customers and makes them happy.

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