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Wireless Samsung C410W Driver With NFC Technology

by Samir Nazic
Wireless Samsung C410W Driver With NFC Technology

Samsung is a well-known brand. This Asian brand offers various products designed to ease human life. One of its products is a printer and its Samsung C410W Driver. This printer comes in a small size and has a stylish look. It is equipped with color laser technology for easier mobile printing.

This C410W printer by Samsung comes with excellent features. The printer has the latest Samsung image processing technology and the polymerized toner formulation. With this printer, you can print professional and brilliant colors from home much more quickly.

Features of Samsung C410W Driver

Samsung logo

You’ll want a printer full of valuable features when looking for the best printer for your business. Samsung C410W is what you need since this printer is equipped with excellent features designed by a famous technology company. Below are some of the features.

1. Polymerized Toner Formulation

This formula is a special one you can get from Samsung. This formulation allows you to get exceptionally razor-sharp graphics and text in vivid color. The printer is also completed with WPS button technology and an Eco button that will save the paper, toner, and money.

2. NFC Technology

NFC Technology

Samsung also equipped this C410W printer with NFC technology. This tech lets you print wirelessly from your mobile device much more quickly. Tap on your tablet or smartphone to start the printing process.

3. Small and Compact Size

Office printers usually come in huge sizes. Big printers require a particular space. If you have no room for a bigger printer, consider the Samsung C410W printer with compact size and wireless tech. Place this printer on any desk.

Samsung C410W Driver Specifications

However, before purchasing one of the C410W printers, you’ll want to know the specs first. That helps you see whether the printer meets your needs and whether it is the best one that can support your business. Below are some specs of this C410W printer.

1. Processor and Memory

Motherboard with processor

Samsung designed the C410W with a 300 MHz processor. This processor is paired with a 32 MB, allowing you to work faster.

2. Physical Dimensions

The C410W printer is not too big for your home office. The size of this printer is 15×12.2×8.3 inches (width × depth × height). Its weight is just 21.7 lbs.

3. Communication Interface

USB type 2 cable

Samsung C410W is a wireless printer. But it comes with a high-speed USB 2.0 port and ethernet 10/100 Base-TX.

4. Paper Handling

The printer can handle 150 sheets on the input tray. Recommended media size you better use is between 3×6 inches to 8.5×14 inches. You can use plain paper, thin and thick paper, labels, cardstock, color paper, recycled paper, and other media types.

5. Printing Speed

Long exposure speed

The C410W printer by Samsung can print up to 19 mono paper per minute and four color papers per minute (on Letter sized paper). The first mono page will be out in less than 14 seconds from ready, while the color paper will be out in 26 seconds. The printer resolution can reach up to 2400×600 dpi.

6. Consumables

Samsung C410W printers can work with starter toner yield, standard toner yield, waste toner bottle, and other toner types. Pick toner that is highly recommended for this printer and allow the printer to show you its best performance.

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