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6 Tips on How to Get Better at Fortnite

by Adnan Mujic
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I’m sure you would agree that Fortnite is one of the most difficult games to master as a beginner. When I started playing the game, I was eliminated by more experienced players in no time. My frustration knew no bounds. I wondered whether I would ever be able to get better at the game.

I then started to put in a lot of practice to learn the different nuances of the game. Finally, after putting hours and hours into practice and watching other players, I finished as one of the top 10 players more consistently.

Here I will share 6 Tips on How to Get better at Fortnite, which I learned from years of experience playing the game.


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Tips to Get Better at Fortnite

If you’re a player looking to get started, these tips and tricks will help you avoid the frustration I faced as a beginner. It will also improve your gameplay, and you will dominate your opponents.

1. Get your Controls Settings Right

The first thing I needed to do was get the control settings right. You improve your accuracy and performance with the right settings for sensitivity, graphics, and sound.

High sensitivity can make it difficult to aim precisely. Low sensitivity can make it hard to keep up with the action. Experiment with different options until you find the right balance.

With the right graphics settings, you will have a smoother gaming experience. Using the performance mode is recommended for older PCs. If, on the other hand, you have a  high-end graphics card, you can use Ray Tracing without any problems.

Getting your sound settings right will help you hear footsteps, gunshots, and audio cues more clearly.

2. Warm-Up Before Matches

By warming up before matches, you can better prepare for the challenges ahead.

The best way to warm up is to do it in practice mode. In the practice mode, you can build, swap weapons, shoot, or do whatever you want. You can also Challenge yourself and set targets in practice mode, like building stairs or walls in a second or swapping weapons five times in 2 seconds.

3. Watch and Learn from Pro Players

Watching pro players can help you learn new strategies and techniques. Also, you can better understand the game by observing how they approach different situations and react to different challenges. It has helped me immensely in sharpening my game awareness and tactics.

4. Choose the Right Spot to Land

Choosing the right spot to land is critical for success in the game. By understanding the map, assessing the risk vs. reward, and checking the bus path, you can decide the best place to land. Also, consider your playstyle and use visual cues while choosing your landing spot.

5. Know Your Weapons

Knowing your weapons and understanding the situation are essential to making the best use of them. Shotguns and submachine guns, for example, are ideal in close combat. At the same time, assault rifles can help you remove enemies from a long distance. Pistols are good at medium distances.

Grenade and rocket launchers can kill your opponent and destroy forts and buildings at the same time and in an instant.

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6. Learn When to Use the Different Tools

Last but no less important is to know when to use the different tools at your disposal.

If you want to blow up your enemy within seconds, then a Grenade is what you should go for.

On the other hand, Impulse grenades will help you cover a lot of ground quickly to launch a surprise attack on your enemy.

A Boogie Bomb is unique because it forces your opponent to dance when thrown at them. As a result, it makes them vulnerable to an attack.

To Sum Up

When you get your control settings right, warm up before matches, watch and learn from pro players, choose the right spot to land, know your weapons, and learn when to Use the Different Tools, you become a better player and win matches more often than not, just like I did.

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