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The Best Online Mmos to Play With a Friend

by Adnan Mujic

The online gaming industry is widely popular among all gaming representatives due to the possibility of communication and cooperation between comrades to develop characters and jointly defeat opponents and monsters.

Most projects are designed for co-op, but mostly for large groups, rather than two people – they will not have enough full-fledged combat power to get a full opportunity to play the main content. This does not mean that you will be able to fully win even in large raids, but you will solve most of the tasks together – a matter of equipment and pumping.

Let’s discuss online projects available for passing for two players:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Destiny 2

WoW character

World of Warcraft

WoW is a project that offers players not only to choose their faction and follow their traditions, but also a wide range of classes available for selection and development.

For two players, there are two class options that will help in development.

  • Damage Diller + Healer
  • Damage Diller + Damage Diller.

The first option is more stable and safe, it allows you to farm for a long time without fear of death and have an advantage when completing raids – having your own support simplifies the selection of characters, finding a DD is always much easier than a support player.

Two DD is a brighter and more interesting game, sometimes adventurous, but full of PVP and PVE.

It will be more difficult for you to get groups, but on the other hand, all members of the group will be involved in a more interesting, combat format of the game.

The main farm will be divided into two stages – before level 60 and after level 60. Starting from this stage, players enter the Dragonflight update content and continue on the Dragon Island.

You can significantly speed up your journey by applying for leveling in World of Warcraft from Skycoach.


Starting from the first levels, you need to level together so that there is no difference in levels – especially if the game format is with one support. The 2nd player will always be dependent on the 1st, but will make up for the lack of damage with stability and near-infinite farming potential.

You need to take the same story missions that bring maximum experience and complete them by gathering monsters together and destroying them with massive attacks to speed up the time spent on killing them – this way you will complete the task faster and receive a story reward and additional experience gained in the process of killing monsters.


You can get the best equipment and weapons for your characters just by buying them if you have enough gold – this will save you from having to go on difficult raids.

You can mix and match profession systems so that the two of you can accumulate useful materials and sell them for gold to other artisans, or use them to develop your own professions and equip characters.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a far-future shooter MMO RPG where players have to explore planets, defend their homeland from alien invasion, hunt monsters and develop their own characters.

Classes available to choose from:

Titan is a defensive class with the ability to melee and shoot until the damage blocking shield is activated.

Warlock – auxiliary, or attacking class, depending on the development path. Can inflict massive attacks on enemies, or heal and buff allies within a certain radius.

The hunter is a long-range shooter with the ability to knife fight and use various traps and grenades to quickly engage in combat, or retreat from an attack.


You can complete joint tasks to exterminate monsters, helping each other to complete quests.

By combining subclass systems, you can achieve a significant increase in damage.

For example, by combining a titan with lightning and a warlock with the void, you can destroy large groups of enemies before they get to any of you.


You can devote yourself to mini-raids, which are called strikes.

With due perseverance and the right approach, you will be able to act together, regardless of the chosen game classes.

You have to enter the game zone, defeat local monsters and the boss’s retinue, in order to then challenge the head of the dungeon. The reward will be the experience that you share with your partner, weapons and equipment of the dungeon level.

PVP mode

One of the most interesting types of content is the battle between the players.

Destiny 2 contains several modes that allow players to compete with each other for a series of victories and the opportunity to receive unique and legendary, seasonal weapons and equipment that will become a noticeable power-up for any character.

The mode is called Trial of Osiris.

Players unite in groups of three and fight among themselves for a series of victories.

You need to win seven victories in a row to be eligible to receive this season’s Legendary weapons, which will be a noticeable boost to all major combat stats.

To win, you need to play well, use cover and grenades, and always keep in mind that even if you lose, you can start all over again.

Rounds pass quickly and decide the outcome of the entire series.

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