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Online MMO RPG With Extensive Features for All Tastes for All Types of Players

by Adnan Mujic

Finding a good online MMO project is not easy. The gaming industry is overflowing with offers from various developers, but many projects are limited in their capabilities and boil down to leveling and fighting with other players, without any opportunity to spend their leisure time somehow else.

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Consider MMO RPGs that offer more interesting game mechanics

  • World of Warcraft
  • Final Fantasy 14


World of Warcraft

The cult MMO RPG, which is built on the legendary and recognizable confrontation between the two factions – the Horde and the Alliance.

The player in the early stages chooses his side and follows it when developing his character.

The main mechanics of World of Warcraft

  1. The ability to participate in PVP in any part of the world of Azeroth, including large-scale battles for control of the territory for your faction.
  2. The opportunity to engage exclusively in farming to collect resources and earn gold as a form of pastime with the pleasure of the process.
  3. A profession system that opens up a lot of gathering and crafting content for players, which will allow many characters to earn gold and be useful on the server without having to level at all.
  4. A flight system for fans of free movement to any point on the world map of Azeroth.

For a comfortable game of WoW, you need gold – it will be useful for acquiring epochal or legendary equipment, tools for practicing professions and consumable potions for PVP battles.

You can earn gold by farming, mastering professions and completing orders for other players, or simply Buy WoW Gold on a special site. Professional players will disguise the deal as a regular exchange between players, so that the game administration does not even have a potential reason to impose game sanctions.

What to do in World of Warcraft

Go fishing

A great way to take a break from farming and PVP, but at the same time earn fish and reagents that can be sold or used in cooking and develop another profession at the same time.

A mixture of professions of a fisherman and a culinary specialist will allow you to combine two types of activity and benefit the players and earn gold.

A good cook can cook dishes of varying complexity and sell them to players who go on difficult raids or massive PVP battles.

Each type of dish increases the characteristics of the character by a certain amount and time, depending on the development of the profession. Fish and meat will help you to level up, but in order not to kill monsters, you can compensate for all the products by fishing and earn extra money by selling special fish to inscription masters to process it into reagents.

Engage in mining and blacksmithing

Two professions that do not require killing monsters, but allow you to earn money by mining ores and gems and turning them into gold, or a source of creating equipment and weapons from metals, tools for artisans and much more.

A good blacksmith will be in demand due to the ability to create equipment and tools for most classes and professions, and for some players it will be great leisure to spend hours at the anvil and order table in order to earn gold and receive more and more individual orders.

Flying on dragons

In the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft, players get the opportunity to master the content of completely new islands and go through each of them to learn the history of four types of dragons.

After completing all the tasks on the dragon islands, the player will have the opportunity to tame their favorite type of dragon.

The player will be able to fly a dragon, teach him tricks and at the same time learn to stay in the saddle so that no opponent can knock the character out of the saddle.

The higher the skill level, the more tricks the dragon knows. Leveling a pet will allow you to explore all parts of the world of Azeroth and look into those places where the player could not go before due to the type of territory.

Final Fantasy character

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy is a continuation of the cult series of games with a transition to the MMO RPG space, while maintaining the overall story and key characters.

In many ways, FF 14 inherits the ideas of World of Warcraft and is their direct competitor with a different type of graphics, but with similar mechanics and activities.

There is also a system of professions, but it is implemented according to the system of mini-games. You need to complete short tasks to complete the gathering and crafting of materials and items.

In Final Fantasy, the storytelling is essentially implemented, which lasts more than 100 hours of real time through a quest system, returns many familiar characters from previous parts to the game and with real participation of the player in every game element and even the presence in numerous cutscenes and cutscenes.

Practice playing your favorite musical instrument

Final Fantasy has a system of notes and the ability to play many instruments if you find the exact description in the notes how to play it.

Play your favorite tunes and earn gils by entertaining other players in the central square.

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