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Samsung ML-1640 Driver, Small in Size but Big in Performance

by Samir Nazic
Samsung ML-1640 Driver, Small in Size but Big in Performance

Selecting which eligible printer suits you the most is not that easy. If you don’t have a lot of print jobs, the Samsung ML-1640 driver will become the perfect choice. You must look into its specification in detail to examine how it performs.

Everybody indeed has different requirements when selecting a printer. Some have a high volume of paperwork, while others rarely utilize printers to accomplish their work. For home usage, the Samsung ML-1640 printer is good enough to handle your work.

Explore the Captivating Features of Samsung ML-1640 Driver

Samsung logo on building

Some wonder why the Samsung ML-1640 printer has become a favorite option for either home usage or small business. Once you learn about the exciting features of this printer, you will understand why most people like utilizing it.

1. Compact Design

Compact design

Do you have a problem with small workspaces? It is normal to feel that way since you cannot add a lot of furniture and devices to a small workspace. But if you furnish the limited workspace with Samsung ML-1640, then it is not a problem.

It is because of Samsung ML-1640’s compact design. Its compact and modern style seems suitable for any home office or modern business. Its weight is only 5.7 kg with dimensions 353 x 298 x 209 mm. This size fits easily in your tiny workspace.

2. Great Performance

Despite its small size, it shows excellent performance when you print a document. It can print any document rapidly. Thanks to the processor 150MHz and the internal memory of 8 Mb that can boost its performance to bring out a good printout.

3. Toner Save Mode

Any printer that can bring economical solutions will always become a favorite option. In this case, the Samsung ML-1640 printer can save toner up to 30% with the Toner Save Mode feature. Although you apply Toner Save Mode, the printout is still of good quality.

4. One Touch Print Cancellation

This printer allows you to cancel the printing process easily by pressing a button to cancel the process.

5. Paper Saving

Stacked papers

Manual duplex printing lets you save both toner and paper by printing documents on both sides of the paper. You can even simplify two up to 16 pages into one page. This monochrome laser printer also allows you to adjust the print quality easily.

Detailed Specification of Samsung ML-1640 Driver

Many elements of Samsung ML-1640 boost its fantastic performance. Those elements are the key to ensuring the excellent quality of the printout. Here are details of the Samsung ML-1640 printer’s specifications.

1. Speed

Long exposure speed

The Samsung ML-1640 shows exceptional speed when you print a file. The print speed reaches up to 16 ppm. Usually, it will take 10 seconds to print and deliver the first page of a document. The small and compact design doesn’t limit its performance.

2. Paper Handling

Paper handling

Types of paper that Samsung ML-1640 can print include labels, recycled paper, envelopes, transparencies, cardstock, and plain paper. Of course, you must consider the paper size as well. The standard paper size to print using this device is A4. However, it can still print a document with a maximum size of 216 x 356 mm.

3. Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of the Samsung ML-1640 is relatively acceptable since it can print 5000 pages in one month. The toner cartridge can print 1500 pages. The total output capacity is 100 sheets. On the other hand, the input capacity reaches 150 sheets.

4. Connectivity

USB type 2 cable

You need to connect this printer and other devices via USB to print a document.

5. Resolution

To determine the print quality, you should adjust the resolution. Its maximum resolution reaches 600 x 1200 DPI.


All details regarding the Samsung ML-1640 driver will help you choose a good quality printer wisely. This is an excellent solution for anyone who needs a simple and easy-to-use printer.

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