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Best Accessories for your Pax 3

by Chloe Parker
pax 3 accessories

The Pax 3 from PaxVapor is a portable dry herb vaporizer. This is the third product of the very popular Pax line and it continues to impress and upgrade while staying true to what made the Pax so popular in the first place. The elegant look and feel, ease of use, portability, along with top-tier reliability and warranty makes it one of the best. 

With our list of Pax 3 accessories you will know about the upgrades over the Pax 2. This includes an upgraded battery with bumped capacity from 3000 mAh to 3500 mAh, a new concentrate insert, and quicker heat up times from around 45 seconds down to around 15 seconds.

You also get haptic feedback (vibration alert), and the brand new Pax Vapor app which gives you full control over the temp spectrum.

The Pax 3 is even more fun as it is small, elegant, intuitive, and it performs very well for its size. If you own the Pax 2, then the screen for Pax 2 and Pax 3 screens are even interchangeable. However, the compact design which is travel-friendly, leaves the vapor and device a little warmer than optimal towards the end of vaping sessions. But if portability is your number 1 priority, Pax is probably the best option. 

The Pax 3 works best when the chamber is fully packed which means it will hold around .3 grams and provide 20-30 draws in a session. The half-pack lid is perfect for 1-2 people and will provide about 10-15 draws in a roughly 10 minute session. We have listed below the best Pax 3 accessories to enhance your experience:

1. PAX 3D Screen


pax 3d screen

The PAX 3D Screen is a must-have for every owner of PAX 2 or PAX 3 Vaporizer. The Pax 3D Screen is a great alternative screen that can be used instead of the regular one which is a thin plate made of steel and it is not as sturdy. The 3D Screen has a few crucial advantages. One of the advantages is thanks to its many thin groves, which helps to improve the airflow and reduces the resistance when you inhale. In addition, 3D Screen is practically indestructible, so its shelf life means that it can be used for a much longer time than the regular screens which have to be replaced every few months.

Another great advantage is the easy assembling process because all you need to do is flip your PAX upside down and place the 3D Screen at the bottom of the chamber. After the inhalation, simply open the lid of the chamber and let the screen fall out along with the material. It’s much more comfortable, the standard screen must be pushed out with a pusher, which can be complicated at times if there is resin residue in the chamber. The 3D Screen eliminates this problem and makes the cleaning of your PAX 3 much easier.

2. PAX Vented Oven Lid 2.0

Vented Oven Lid 2.0

The Vented Oven Lid 2.0 is an accessory for users who complain about the resistance during the inhalation with PAX 2 and PAX 3 Vaporizer. 

It has numerous air inlets that facilitate the air flow to reduce the resistance when you take a draw. Vented Oven Lid 2.0 has a long thread on which the PAX Pusher is installed. The Pusher is included in the set and it’s a tool that allows for the chamber size adjustment. 

Very few Pax accessories can dramatically improve the experience of your vape. Vented oven lids are definitely on that short list. Although PAX 2 and PAX 3 Vaporizer are great, you will make the most of them and enjoy the inhalation much more only if you get some accessories. If you love your PAX, you simply have to get this accessory for your device and if you’re not a fan of heavy resistance when vaping, the vented oven lids will be a welcome change for you!

3. Pax WPA 

pax 3 waterpipe adapter

The fastest way to dramatically improve the taste and experience of the Pax is to hook it up to a bong.  If there’s a single accessory you purchase, let it be this one!

4. Pax Pusher 

pax pusher

The Vented Oven Lid 2.0 and PAX 2 Pusher are a perfect match together, they help you reduce the quantity of herb you have to use while improving the air flow.

This is an accessory designed to reduce the bowl size of the Pax 3. The threaded rod makes the Pax Pusher completely adjustable. You can vape as little as .1g in the Pax 3 with the Pax Pusher accessory. Newvape sells one with a vented oven lid, so you get two Pax accessories in one. 

5. Pax Press 

pax press accessory

The Pax Press is a new accessory from Highbrid Innovations. This is a fantastic accessory for your Pax 3 because it completely changes the way you pack and carry herb for your Pax vaporizer. Interestingly, the Pax Press compresses your ground herb into perfectly Pax-oven-shaped pucks that you simply drop into your Pax and vape away. When you’re done, the spent puck falls out and you can drop in another. How cool is that? 

6. Water pipe adapter for PAX 3 Vaporizer

pax water pipe adapter

This durable, stainless steel accessory helps you to connect PAX 2 Vaporizer or PAX 3 Vaporizer to your favorite water pipe or bong in a quick and comfortable manner. Just put your PAX into the adapter and place the adapter in the water pipe joint in the place where blowpipe normally is. Water filtration takes inhalation to a completely new level – the vapor gets cooled down, so you can take longer draws and make huge clouds of vapor. The vapor that comes out is also extra moist, so it doesn’t dry your throat or irritate the air passages when you vape. There are two versions of the adapter: male and female, and they fit, respectively, a female and a male join with a 14 mm or 18 mm cut.

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