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Project Management Tips for Marketers Who Are Strapped for Time: Get the Best Results With Your Team

by Lorena Gasparic
Project Management Tips for Marketers Who Are Strapped for Time

The most important thing regarding this job is organization and project management. Being a marketer is demanding, and individuals in this profession often encounter stress. If one cannot deal with his projects, estimate the time, and have everything done promptly, this individual might not be so successful in fulfilling his everyday obligations.

Project management is a complicated process that requires dedication and resourcefulness, but anyone can learn how to do it properly. This article will give tips and tricks for managing projects, avoiding unnecessary stress, and releasing fantastic marketing campaigns.

What is project management in marketing?

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You can describe project management as managing different aspects and resources to achieve specific goals. This process includes planning, creating a project, setting particular deadlines, and tracking the full performance until the project is done. Some of the essential aspects that every project manager should take into consideration are time and budget.

When we talk directly about marketing and project management, this process of planning, creating and executing refers to building marketing strategies. Project management involves five stages: initiation, planning, execution, control, and completion. We will explain each stage separately to make it easier for you to understand them.

What are the stages of project management?

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1. Initiation

The initiation stage serves to define the project and its conceptualization. During this stage, the project manager can set some goals and objectives and find the most efficient ways to achieve his vision.

2. Planning

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During the planning stage, all details of the project are worked out. This means that the project manager has to give instructions to the team members and set the project’s deadlines and budget. This is also a crucial phase of the project management process because it will determine all the other stages and make tracking the project more manageable.

3. Execution

The execution stage is a part of the project where all the planned aspects are done. The team members know their tasks, and during this phase, they should execute them under the supervision of the project manager.

4. Control

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The fourth stage, known as monitoring and controlling, represents the phase of the project where the manager checks the total progress of the work that has been done. If there are potential issues, this is the right time for them to be solved.

5. Completion

The final stage of project management equals the closure of the project. When this phase occurs, the project manager should check if everything is as planned and if all the preplanned goals are met.

Tips for better project management

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1. Follow the stages of project management

If you wish to be a successful marketer, use your time wisely and get rid of stress, the only thing you have to do is divide your project into these five stages. Your workflow will be much more efficient, and your projects stress-free.

2. Make use of project management software

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If you love new technologies, why not incorporate them into your everyday life and business? Numerous project management software apps can help you deal with all sorts of obligations and make your life easier. You can manage your team, delegate tasks, and many more in a few clicks.

3. Get to know your audience

When dealing with marketing, the most crucial aspect you should pay attention to is your audience. By exploring their needs, you will be able to adapt the project and its outcomes to them, and by doing so, the whole campaign will be much more successful and meaningful.


To conclude, the tasks of project managers in marketing are highly complex but can be facilitated by following the primary five stages. Also, using project management software would be a good idea.

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