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Effective Tips on How to Manage a Project From Start to Finish: Get an Easy Collaboration With Excellent Results

by Samir Nazic
Effective Tips on How to Manage a Project From Start to Finish

Project management is a long-lasting and challenging activity. Managing the project is not just about finishing the project but also having everything under control during the entire process.

It includes getting or brainstorming the idea, defining the project plan and its schedule, collecting all resources, and collaborating with the client and team members.

You can have a perfect view and invest a significant amount of money, but your project will fail if you don’t do all the project management steps right.

At the same time, even though it is a long and challenging process, planning and managing it the right way can help you have a very organized and easily driven approach until the end.

Project management process phases

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The project management process includes five crucial phases.

The first phase is project initiation, where you find the idea, discuss the goals, do some research, determine the budget for creating the project charter document.

The next phase is project planning. Here you define the project plan concretize it by answering essential questions. Also, you make a schedule and find resources for your project.

This phase is vital for the further steps, so it should be detailed and stable.

Then, project execution means actual work on the project, where you connect your team members assign them resources and tasks.

In this phase, you control the collaboration between the people take care of the project quality, timeline, and pace of work. The next step leans to this one.

It is project monitoring and controlling, where you do regular checks throughout the project timeline and scope. You compare team progress with previously set targets and plans to achieve your final goals.

The fifth final phase of the project management process is project closing. Here, you finish the project after completing assigned tasks and set objectives.

Furthermore, you analyze the process with successes and failures track productivity and individual performance. The detailed final report is helpful for any future projects and team improvements.

Tips on how to manage a project

If you don’t write a good project plan with clear objectives, you can have an unsuccessful project and many losses. So here, we will list some practical tips that will help you manage a project from start to finish.

Define the right scope

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After coming up with the idea, the very first thing is to know the scope of your project. It would help if you were clear about what you want to do.

Next, you need to write fundamental objectives and exclude those out of the scope. It should keep you on track and focused.

Have a clear timeline

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Setting a time and a good schedule for your project phases is essential. The final phase and project deadline should be fixed.

Also, it is helpful to have a detailed timeline for each task over a project plan, but those can be changed and adapted as long as they do not affect the important dates.

Checking on the timeline and schedule keeps you focused and pushes you further, narrowing you to the essential things.

Collect and manage necessary resources

It is another vital part that will help you to manage your project. Human resources, instruments, equipment, and money available for your project are necessary to handle the possible problems during the project process.

You need to control it and adjust it to the obstacles and risks.

Write a good project plan

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After taking these tips and steps, you should write a detailed project plan. A project plan contains essential details about the idea, scope, schedule, timeline, team members and their tasks, and other included resources.

In addition, it states the project budget with possible risks and changes. If you make this plan good enough, your project outcome will be more successful.

This tip and project management process phase is crucial for the entire process.

Collect your team and assign tasks

Next, you invite your team members to a meeting and introduce your project plan and timeline. You should be prepared for communication anytime.

Finally, you present project tasks and delegate them to them. Every team member works according to their skills, and you should offer them a good working environment for better productivity.

They should work based on their capabilities and feel needed. If you know what they do the best, you can use it to benefit a whole team and an entire project.

Make detailed reports and monitor everything

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Write everything down. Every little change in the path or timeline is essential. If you are making adjustments, it can affect your final tasks, and you want to be prepared.

Therefore, you should monitor every action, finished task, and team members’ progress. Then you should compare the actual result with the planned.

These reports can help you understand your work and team, help them with the execution, and reward their work.


Overall, project management is a time-limited process. If you are not prepared well, your project might not finish well.

Hence, we mentioned project management phases and tips to help you make this process more successful and managed well from start to finish. Be ready for action.

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